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A Christmas Carol (2005)

Following the success of Keep It All In, Near-ta Theatre returned once again to Falmouth Arts Centre, this time with a darkly comic adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic festive tale, A Christmas Carol.

As a high flying modern-day loan-shark, Scrooge can live in his secluded London penthouse with more money than he has need for. He hates most things, but above all he despises Christmas. In this contemporary portrayal of the Dickens’ text, the audience time-travel with Scrooge on a journey of realisation through his world of personal wealth and social poverty.

Adapted for stage by Ciaran Clarke and played by a cast of six, A Christmas Carol was an entertaining and thought-provoking evening for all ages.

  • Cast

    Lewis Howard
    Hannah Stephens
    Georgia Gendall
    Joe Black
    Lamorna Rowe
    Daniel Richards

  • Credits

    Directed by Daniel Richards
    Adapted by Ciaran Clarke
    Costume – Sophie Canale

    And a big thank you to Charles Dickens.

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