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Counting to Two (2006)

It had only been a month since our last show but we were back in September with the one-night, musical extravaganza Counting to Two!

Following one man’s adventures in the NHS and his struggle with prescribed narrators, eccentric hospital staff and Latin, the cast take their audience through a surreal, all-singing, all-dancing hospital. Featuring a live band, two fantastic extras, and based loosely on a true story, we see how patients cope with the beeps and clicks of a very rhythmic ward.

Written by Ciaran Clarke and Daniel Richards and brought to you by Near-ta “Operating” Theatre, ‘Counting to Two’ was the one-night musical firework that we promised it would be.

  • Cast

    Ciaran Clarke
    Rebecca Rowe
    Robert Clarke
    Helen Marsden
    Daniel Richards
    Jessica Bolitho
    Roxanne Martin
    Lamorna Rowe
    Hannah Stephens
    Georgia Gendall

  • Credits

    Written and directed by Ciaran Clarke and Daniel Richards
    Set – Steven Richards
    Costume – Enjoy Clothing
    Graphic Design – Georgia Gendall

  • Band

    Guitar – Ciaran Clarke and Daniel Richards
    Bass – Alfie Tiley
    Drums – Lewis Howard
    Keyboard – Lamorna Rowe

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