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Keep It All In (2005)

Keep It All In was Near-ta Theatre’s second show, written by Ciaran Clarke and Daniel Richards.

Paul is a happy chap, and why wouldn’t he be? He’s got a lovely wife, great career prospects, a beautiful neighbourhood and two manipulative friends, James and Amy, who only want what’s best for themselves and will do anything in their power to secure it.

But following a bet between James and Amy over whether Paul will “crack”, his life takes a turn for the worse and crumbles around him, but how will he end up? Keep It All In was a black comedy, featuring many lovable characters played by a cast of six actors and had one of the tightest pairs of trousers in theatre history.

  • Cast

    Ciaran Clarke
    Harriet Gendall
    Daniel Richards
    Maisie Utting
    Peter Twose
    Lewis Howard

  • Credits

    Written and directed by Ciaran Clarke and Daniel Richards
    Costume and Set – Sophie Canale
    Recording – Russell Clarke
    Graphic Design – Harriet Gendall

  • Band

    Guitars – Ciaran Clarke and David Howard
    Bass – Ewen Farr, Ciaran Clarke and David Howard
    Drums – Lewis Howard
    Memphis Horn Section – Ciaran Clarke
    Piano – Alice Cooper

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