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Puss Puss (2004)

Our first show, Puss Puss, was performed on Friday 10th December 2004 at Falmouth Arts Centre.

Set in the modern day, Puss Puss is a humorous story of relationships, love, power and cats. It tells the tale of Pussy, and his struggle to thwart the evil Fluffy’s sinister plans. With his friends Harold, Kitty and ‘the drunks’, they set out to create a force that can stop the tyranny. A mixture of cabaret, satire, slapstick and realist drama; Puss Puss focuses upon the persistence of warfare in the world.

A show for teens and over; it was an eclectic blend of different characters. All of whom contributed to a unique evening’s entertainment.

Puss Puss offered a reflection on the events of Second World War, which was particularly relevant approaching the 60th anniversary of the end of that conflict, and in a time of growing international tension.

  • Cast

    Pussy – Daniel Richards
    Harold – Peter Twose
    Kitty – Harriet Gendall
    Fluffy – Ciaran Clarke
    Bob – Lewis Howard
    Drunk – Polly Stephenson
    Drunk 2 – Stacey Bunnett
    General – Robert Clarke

  • Credits

    Written and directed by Ciaran Clarke and Daniel Richards
    Set – Steven Richards
    Recording – Russell Clarke
    Graphic Design – Harriet Gendall
    Costume Design – Maisie Utting

  • Band

    Guitars – Ciaran Clarke
    Bass – Ewen Farr
    Drums – Lewis Howard

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