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Troy Story (2006)

Near-ta Theatre were once again back at Falmouth Arts Centre, this time intent on transporting their audience back to Ancient Greece in their latest production, Troy Story.

Based on the Trojan War, Troy Story follows an embittered group of soldiers in their legal action against the Greek Government. Unfairly edited out of the legend, they seek justice and want to tell the world the truth. However, this unit contains something the Greek Army would rather it didn’t; women.

A surreal tale of spin, feminism and cleaning products, this show offered our audience more laughs and more songs. Written by Ciaran Clarke and Daniel Richards and brought to you by a cast of seven, Troy Story was another fun-filled, musical show.

  • Cast

    Daniel Richards
    Rebecca Rowe
    Lamorna Rowe
    Hannah Stephens
    Georgia Gendall
    Lewis Howard
    Ciaran Clarke

  • Credits

    Written and directed by Ciaran Clarke and Daniel Richards
    Set – Stephen Richards
    Recording – Russell Clarke
    Graphic Design – Harriet Gendall

  • Band

    Guitars – Ciaran Clarke
    Bass – Ciaran Clarke
    Drums – Lewis Howard
    Classical String Quartet – Ciaran Clarke
    Freestyle MC – Daniel Richards

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